Do you really need Work Pods in your office?

Work pods are enclosed, sound proof spaces where people can work or meet privately in an otherwise open office environment.

Work Pods provide privacy spots in open offices

Lots of workplaces are changing and adjusting as more team members return to the office. The trend toward open and collaborative spaces, fewer private offices, and comfortable residential style furniture that started well before the pandemic has certainly continued but, the shift to hybrid work has meant that in-office time is often focused on face-to-face meetings with colleagues or clients.

All these collaborative meetings have created a growing need for lots of smaller private meeting spaces.  Additionally, open spaces, while great for team building, aren’t always ideal for private phone or video calls. Traditionally, a need for new meeting spaces has meant re-location or renovation but when neither of those options is feasible are phone booths or meeting pods the answer?

What are Work Pods and why could they work for our space?

Work pods or meeting booths are fully self-contained units with a capacity of 1-6 people. They can be outfitted with tables, chairs, screens or other options specific to your team’s requirements.

Sound absorbing materials are included in their construction so that a booth can be placed anywhere in your existing space and allow for meetings or calls without disrupting colleagues. Some have hidden locking casters as an option so that the units can be moved around if your needs change in the coming years.

They are a quick way to add flexible meeting space for small groups without undergoing the mess and challenge of wall construction, building permits and the resulting time and resource challenges.

What to look for in a booth or meeting pod?
  • Quality construction. You want your investment to last and you want the booths to be safe and secure. At minimum, each booth or pod should be outfitted with ventilation (with adequate air exchange), the option for a sprinkler addition, and be constructed with approved materials that are compliant with the Fire Code.
  • Ensure that the construction includes exceptional sound absorption
  • Lighting and power outlets should be available
  • A mobility kit option (hidden casters) should be available to ensure that you are able to move the finished booth or pod if you choose to reconfigure your space
  • Some manufacturers provide accessible versions that meet accessibility standards (such as AODA in Ontario) ensuring wheelchair access if required
  • Buy Canadian where possible. Yes, there are some products from elsewhere that may cost less initially, but they do not necessarily meet our Canadian standards. In the long run, you may be disappointed in the quality of the construction, soundproofing, and safety of the products you have invested in.

An exceptional Canadian-made option that meets or exceeds all of these criteria is the Kubebooth. You can learn more about Kubebooths here or you can give our team a call and we can discuss the best products for your space.


Published on: April 20, 2023

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